It's a big world with big challenges.

We leverage technology, talent, and innovation for transformative impact.

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Welcome to Q2 Impact

where innovative strategies meet transformative impact.

QED Group is now doing business as Q2 Impact.  Building on our 25+ year history of innovation  in the international development  domain, Q2 Impact is the new chapter of QED Group. Our shared vision and expertise empower us to maximize the effectiveness of new technologies, innovative approaches, cutting-edge talent, and data analytics to address the most pressing global issues of our time. 

Maximizing the effectiveness of development efforts worldwide

With over 2,250 evaluations spanning across nearly 100 countries, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to harness the power of new technologies, innovative approaches, and data-driven insights to address complex global challenges.

Our Impact

We have been delivering impact and creating stories of success in the monitoring, evaluation, learning, knowledge management, adaptive management, global health solutions, and data analytics for clients and partners around the world. Our work has helped stakeholders drive efficiencies, save costs and achieve results with improved and innovative processes.

Our Clients