Promoting Gender Equity Through Better Governance

Our organization has been steadfast in its commitment to advancing gender equality through our involvement in the USAID Governance Support Project (GSP). During this period, we successfully orchestrated workshops and extensive consultations in collaboration with UN Women for key ministries and government agencies within the country. These initiatives were carried out under the umbrella of the ‘National Plan of Action on Gender Equality in Turkmenistan for 2015-2020,’ which aimed to create a comprehensive roadmap for effectively integrating gender-responsive strategies into the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.In September 2016, Turkmenistan formally embraced the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), undertaking a dedicated effort to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.” This endeavor emphasized the need for robust policies and enforceable legislation to promote gender equality at all levels.

The outcome of the meeting was the development of the Gender Responsive Budgeting Roadmap for Turkmenistan (GRB Roadmap), which outlines the steps needed to incorporate gender perspectives into government organizations through legislation, capacity building, methodological tools, and the implementation of gender-responsive approaches. This roadmap, once finalized, will be submitted to the Working Group on Implementation of SDGs, established in November 2017, for review and consideration.

With our support, the effective implementation of the GRB Roadmap will not only contribute to the achievement of gender-related SDG objectives, but also facilitate the establishment of a robust system for monitoring gender equality in the allocation of public positions. As a result, improved state services will be accessible to all genders throughout Turkmenistan.

Group of two women and two men stand in a circle and talking.

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