CLA in Action: Q2 Impact Project Supports USAID Learning

Sharing Event, hosting representatives from four other USAID missions, including Ethiopia, South Sudan, Southern Africa, and Tanzania. The 3-day event allowed missions to exchange experiences and share examples of how CLA is being conceptualized in their work and put into practice. USAID/Uganda mission organized the peer-assist event into a series of common-interest topics, such as integrating monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL); operationalizing CLA; and knowledge transfer to smooth staff transitions.

As part of the peer-assist approach, USAID/Uganda featured a current example of its CLA in Action: an innovative MEL training course for mission staff and USAID/Uganda implementing partners (IPs). Through its Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Contract (The Learning Contract), implemented by Q2 Impact, USAID/Uganda recently piloted this course in two parts—Part I to strengthen IPs’ ability to conduct effective MEL, and Part II held two months later, giving IPs time to apply selected MEL improvements so that participants could share their experience implementing these changes. The course gave IPs important face time with mission personnel, enabled IPs to learn about the many resources that exists for them to implement their own MEL, and served as a productive networking and knowledge sharing platform for IPs.

Beyond peer exchange and discussion of USAID/Uganda’s many successful CLA initiatives (including the MEL training), CLA Week included the opportunity for visiting staff to hear from USAID/Uganda’s Mission Leadership Council, other mission technical staff, and a Chiefs of Party panel from various projects about how they implement and leverage CLA at their various levels. Click here to learn more about the event and see examples of what each mission shared as their CLA in Action activity.