Fostering Innovation Through Workspaces in Uganda

Q2 Impact offices around the world are undergoing exciting spatial changes in efforts to match the company’s visionary leadership and cultural commitment to innovation. In order to extend innovative thinking into our field offices and projects, we have paid particular attention to creating a collaborative space for our workforce to connect, share knowledge, and promote learning.

Our new Uganda office, home of the USAID/Uganda Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Program, also known as The Learning Contract, has seen the first of such changes as it opened for use in January 2017. The latest collaboration space has attracted a range of users including USAID/Uganda Mission staff, implementing partners, development partners across public, private, and multilateral donor areas, government officials, NGOs, and monitoring, evaluation, and research institutions.

The Learning Contract team works closely with USAID/Uganda to develop stakeholder networks and communities of practice across thematic or sector-based platforms. The office modifications have notably supported this objective to deepen coordination within the USAID/Uganda Mission and with other key stakeholders by fostering constructive consultations, managing inclusive program planning events, facilitating networks, and collectively assessing progress against strategic results.

Due to its convenience of proximity to the USAID/Uganda Mission office, relatively easy access to the building, and constructive atmosphere, USAID/Uganda officials often meet with external stakeholders at the Q2 Impact office. There are areas for Mission staff to work from, a conference room, a ‘thinking room’ for either individuals or teams to reflect and brainstorm and two small meeting rooms. This has resulted in the increased presence of USAID among the Learning Contract’s staff, further enabling the team to be more responsive and proactive to the evolving needs for information and inputs.

By providing the optimal space and culture for collaborative work and innovative activity, Q2 Impact continues to drive the competitive edge and extend the benefits to our clients.