​Leading Through KM&L: Part II of Q2 Impact’s 3-Part Impact Story Series

The second part of Q2 Impact’s Leading Through KM&L 3-part impact story series is here! While the first part of the series (see link below) highlighted the various KM&L tools and technologies Q2 has developed and implemented over the years, this second part of the series, titled “Leading through Knowledge Management & Learning (Part II): Q2 Pioneering KM and Its Value Today,” dives into the historical context of our work in KM&L. Q2 has helped institutionalize KM as a fundamental element of development work, particularly within USAID, impacting the technical and programmatic direction of many development initiatives, and ultimately contributing to leadership decision-making and agency-wide policies. Today KM&L are part of the development mainstream.

Q2 Impact is pleased to present this 3-part impact story series, showcasing our extensive work in knowledge management and learning. Stay tuned for Part III in our KM&L impact story series!