Leading Through KM&L: Part III of Q2 Impact’s 3 – Part Impact Story Series

In the concluding series of our 3-part impact story series on Leading through Knowledge Management & Learning (KM&L) titled “The KDMD Project’s Lasting Impact,” we look into the growth, influence, and impact of the USAID-funded Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise Development (KDMD) project.

The KDMD project which was initially established with the purpose of helping international development practitioners learn, co-ordinate and distribute foreign assistance effectively, over the course of time has revolutionized the way development practitioners connect with each other and significantly influencing how knowledge management is understood across USAID, and within the larger global development community. Q2 Impact’s knowledge products have attracted thousands of participants, users, and viewers. In this final series, we learn that through flexibility and creativity, an adaptive management approach which refined solutions through iteration for each USAID partner defined the ultimate success of KDMD. The infographic visually highlights the unique outcomes of the project.

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