Q2 Impact Development Innovation Challenge

Q2 Impact is pleased to announce its first Development Innovation Challenge.  Fully detailed in the announcement document below, this challenge seeks applications from individual international development practitioners across Asia that would like to share innovative methods and approaches that they have applied to improve programmatic results through effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation, organizational learning, and adaptive management.

Q2 Impact is running this challenge to identify, promote, and share creative, innovative and cutting-edge methods and approaches that individual practitioners in Asia have applied to enhance the performance of international development programs.

Q2 will sponsor three (3) winners to attend an event of regional and/or international standing (such as the Community of Evaluators South Asia Conclave in 2017) up to $1,500 to cover transportation, hotel, and registration fees. In addition, the winners will have an opportunity to have their work showcased on the Q2 website and present in an online webinar.

The innovative approaches could have been applied in any country, but should produce a benefit that is replicable and scalable to other programs worldwide.  Specifically, we are looking for approaches in the following categories:

  • Capacity Building Methods: The application of new, innovative methodologies and approaches that successfully built capacity in M&E, organizational learning, change management, or adaptation on an international development project.
  • Learning from Failure: Processes used that encourage learning from identified challenges—and even failures—and overcome those barriers.
  • Applied Information Technology: The clever application of open source or web 2.0 technology to support programmatic learning and adaptation. This can include data visualization and/or the innovative use of graphical information to drive change or enhance impact.

Those who are interested in submitting an innovation to this challenge, please apply by May 15 and send submissions to innovationchallenge@Q2Impact.com.

We look forward to an exciting and informative challenge that will connect practitioners across Asia.