Q2 Impact to Provide M&E Support to ISN/CTR Within the Department of State

Q2 Impact has been selected to provide comprehensive analysis, assessment and evaluation of programs supported by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR).

The International Security and Nonproliferation Bureau specializes in preventing and rolling back the spread, use, and distribution of Weapons of Mass Destruction in relation to U.S. national and international security.

Q2 Impact will be examining and evaluating the effectiveness of ISN’s processes in relation to their goal of managing and organizing the distribution of WMDs. We will be ensuring and supporting methods and solutions that will most effectively achieve ISN’s goals.

Q2 Impact will partner with MRIGlobal, a renowned research institution that brings over 75 years of experience to the field. MRIGlobal provides valuable technical expertise and customized solutions for the national security, defense, energy and health sectors, including research and development capabilities in clinical research support; infectious disease and biological threat agent detection.

Together Q2 Impact and MRIGlobal will provide ISN/CTR with the comprehensive analysis they need to assess program effectiveness and inform future activities across the complex environments in which they operate.