Q2 Impact launches its first prototype through its Innovation & Data Hub: Qintrospect!

]Knowledge Management (KM) is the key to become an effective and efficient organization. Q2 Impact has a long experience in KM and believes that the practice has the potential to transform ideas and information into action during project implementation. Now, after 19 years of observation, learning, and insight, our team has recently developed and launched our first prototype tool, called Qintrospect.

Qintrospect was first floated as an idea on Q2 Impact’s innovation platform, IdeaScale. Our Innovation team worked with TopCoder to build this into a visual and technical tool. The current version of Qintrospect is a working prototype that was launched at the Q2 HQ in Arlington, VA on January 22, 2018.We anticipate making continuous changes and improvements to the tool as we receive more feedback and suggestions.

A self-assessment online survey that helps users understand the level of organizational development within their organization, Qintrospect is based on Q2 Impact’s long experience with Knowledge Management maturity. It serves as the basis for moving processes, systems, and culture from resource collection to organized adaptation and change management. By taking the survey, users will discover results that outline the current state of their organization, know of constructive steps that need to be taken and move forward to create a more coherent and sustainable organization.

Qintrospect has wide implications that can be applied across sectors. Not only can the tool be used to determine areas for improvement within organizations by any member of an organization, it can also spark team building conversations and allow users to draw comparisons between their units and other teams. Additionally, it can be customized to measure organizational or personal development in other areas, such as data analytics, innovation, and alternative financing models.

We invite you to watch the Qintrospect demo video, and try the tool for yourself! Click here to take the survey and find out where your organization stands and how can you improve it. It only takes five minutes!

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or adapting Qintrospect to fit your organizational needs.​