Q2 Impact Recognized as a Leading Innovator at the 2017 IdeaScale Innovation Management Awards!

In a big boost to one of our core values, Q2 Impact was declared the winner for Best Innovation at the IdeaScale Innovation Management Awards. The award was presented in recognition of Q2 Impact’s newly developed interactive platform called SHARE.

SHARE is a tool that effectively identifies, shares and develops those ideas that create new or additional value to current and future clients by providing better access to, understanding of, and utility for Q2 Impact’s current offerings related to data and information. The tool was designed to close the feedback loop for participants of evaluations in the international development space, in partnership with TopCoder, an online community of coders who compete to win a prize by creating a website or application.

IdeaScale is the largest cloud-based innovation software platform in the world which allows organizations to involve the opinions of public and private communities, by collecting their ideas and giving users a platform to vote. The ideas are then evaluated, routed, and finally implemented.

According to Rob Hoehn, CEO and Co-Founder of IdeaScale, Q2 as a company “truly recognizes the value of the crowd in multiple contexts and in the process, was able to create innovative products with ideas generated from employees. It also stood out from the rest as it was able to launch and test a prototype faster”.

In addition to being an industry leader in monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL), assessment, and organizational development, we at Q2 are also committed to integrating innovation as a value and approach in all our work. This award is a testament to those continuing efforts and reinforces our commitment to leading by example as industry pioneers of an innovation-based approach.

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