Q2 Impact Welcomes Yvonne Usanase

Yvonne is a graduate of Winona State University in MN with a B.A in Mass Communications and a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from SIT Graduate Institute. She has worked for more than 5 years on USAID funded projects, mainly in Francophone West-Africa, as well as projects in North and East Africa. 

She is joining Q2 Impact Group from Palladium International, where for the last two and half years she worked on USAID funded projects including MEASURE Evaluation in Senegal and Health Systems Strengthening, Governance and Finance in Mali; as well as a PEPFAR funded project – Translating Data for Implementation in Malawi, Uganda, Namibia, Burundi and SA 

Yvonne enjoys spending time outdoors in nature, she has a passion for helping those in need and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is excited to be a part of Q2 Impact Group and make a positive impact.