Winners for the “Understanding COVID-19 Across the Globe” Data Challenge

We are excited to announce the winners of the our challenge with the Center for Global Data Visualization. The winners are as follows. Congratulations to Yueqi Wang, Jinglin Liang, Yifan Zhu, and Guiming Xu in the student category. In the professional category Congratulations to Hirsh Gupta and Sagar Shrinivas Vasaikar. Well done!

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Winners for the “Understanding COVID-19 Across the Globe” Data Challenge

Student winners

First place
Yueqi Wang from Georgetown University
Food Insecurity in Ethiopia under COVID-19

Second place
Jinglin Liang from Georgetown University
Insights of Pandemic’s Impact

Third place
Yifan Zhu from Georgetown University
Comparing COVID-19 Impacts

Fourth place
Guiming Xu from Georgetown University
The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on India, Brazil, Indonesia and Egypt

Professional winners

First place
Hirsh Gupta from Guidehouse Consulting
Food Insecurity in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Nigeria During COVID-19

Second place
Sagar Shrinivas Vasaikar
COVID 19 Economic Impact Based on Various Risk Scores