PROJECT: Global Health Technical Assistance Project (GH Tech)

Client: US Agency for International Development

Region: Global

County: Global

Services: Global Health Solutions

Sector: Health

Dates: 2006-2011

The Global Health Technical Assistance Project (GH Tech) was a five-year (2006-2011), single-award, indefinite quantity contract (IQC) designed to provide the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Global Health Offices, regional and other Bureaus, and Missions worldwide with flexible access to a range of technical and program management expertise. The Project was the follow-on contract for the POPTECH, MEDS, and SYNERGY Projects. The GH Tech contract was managed by the Q2 Impact and its subcontractors CAMRIS International and Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

GH Tech worked in partnership with cooperating agencies, nongovernmental and multilateral organizations, and independent consultants to support USAID objectives and programs. The Project implemented a broad range of activities, including assessment, design, monitoring, review, and evaluation using independent, U.S.-based, and international consultants qualified in a broad array of technical areas.

Under GH Tech, Q2 Impact managed more than 600 assignments in 60 countries, including nearly 150 evaluations.