PROJECT: Youth Grow Activity (YGA)

Youth Grow Activity (YGA)

Client: USAID

Region: Middle East

County: Jordan

Services: Prime Implementer

Sector: Education and Youth

Dates: August 2023 – August 2028

The Youth Grow Activity (YGA) is an innovative five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Q2 Impact as the leading partner. The project was launched in the context of empowering youth in Jordan; it emphasizes the need for positive youth development, not only for youth themselves but for the society at large, to Increase their meaningful participation within their local communities and the economy.

The YGA focuses on three core objectives:

  1. Enhance youth readiness for economic opportunities, through providing access to career counseling information and entrepreneurship.
  2. Strengthening youth leadership and civic engagement through targeted support to the Youth-Serving, and Youth-Led Organizations.
  3. Strengthening Government of Jordan (GOJ) systems, emphasizing youth participation and create enabling environment.


The YGA’s target population includes youth between 10 and 29, emphasizing women and rural communities who often suffer from isolation and lack economic opportunity. The YGA’s work will initially focus on areas with existing youth centers through the Ministry of Youth, Youth-Led and Youth-Serving Organizations, Youth groups, and the private sector. We will deploy a national youth empowerment model with evidence that will foster social development and sustainable growth in Jordan, by strengthening the government of Jordan systems to expand resources, increase access to career counseling information planning, promote entrepreneurship and leadership skills, and finally establish a Catalytic Innovation Fund (CIF) to support entrepreneurial ideas across Jordan.


Jordan is a country with incredible possibilities; situated in an increasingly complex region, youth in Jordan need clarification on their futures. Therefore, understanding youth concerns, including—unemployability, rapid technology changes, growing political polarization, and often insurmountable economic divides—and unlocking young talent and driving opportunities for the next generation is fundamental for the stability, peace, and prosperity of the Kingdom.