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What we do

the Q2 Expertise

Our holistic methodologies and commitment to diversity foster innovation and creativity, while our evidence-driven insights ensure effective, sustainable outcomes based on deep contextual understanding.

Elevating Global Change

Our Approach

People are at the center of our work at Q2 Impact. Drawing on our 25+ year history, we bring human centered approaches leveraging data, capital, talent, and technology to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.  At Q2 Impact, our approach is grounded in the use of evidence to guide program implementation and a commitment to systems thinking, holistic methodologies, diversity, and evidence-driven insights. We believe that to effectively address complex global challenges, it is essential to understand the interconnectedness of various factors and adopt a comprehensive approach.

Systems Thinking
We embrace systems thinking, recognizing that social, economic, and environmental issues are interconnected and require integrated solutions. We analyze the underlying structures, relationships, and feedback loops within systems to identify leverage points and create lasting impact.

Holistic Methodologies
Our methodologies go beyond isolated interventions. We take a holistic view of development, considering social, economic, and environmental dimensions. By understanding the interdependencies and interactions among these aspects, we develop comprehensive strategies that address root causes and foster sustainable change.

We value diversity in all its forms, recognizing that inclusive approaches lead to better outcomes. We actively seek diverse perspectives and expertise, both within our team and in collaboration with partners. By leveraging the collective talent and knowledge of a diverse workforce, we foster creativity, innovation, and solutions that resonate with the communities we serve.

Evidence-Driven Insights for learning
We are dedicated to leveraging data, talent, and capital to inform our decision-making and drive impactful solutions . Our approach is rooted in rigorous research, monitoring, and evaluation practices 

By analyzing data and leveraging evidence-driven insights, we ensure that our strategies are based on a deep understanding of the context, leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes. Providing context around the evidence is critical and this requires engagement with stakeholders and partner nations.  We facilitate dialogue and build the capacity of partner nations by  understanding, using, communicating, and adapting based on the data. 

Adaptive Management and Learning
We strive to strengthen our clients, helping them transform into learning organizations. We build robust systems to ensure that the ‘right information’ is available to the ‘right people’ at the ‘right time.

Through our commitment to systems thinking, holistic methodologies, diversity, and evidence-driven insights, we aim to create meaningful change and address the most pressing global challenges. With Q2’s  integrated and inclusive approach, we empower individuals and communities, promote sustainability, and make a positive and lasting impact on the world.

What we do best.

Our Capabilities

Our mission-driven operations focus on creating meaningful, lasting change through an integrated, inclusive approach, while upholding professional standards and fostering global collaborations.

We are engaged across the 3Ds – Defense (DOD), Development (USAID), and Diplomacy (DOS), in area that intersect with US national security.


Democracy, Security, Human Assistance

Our expertise in democracy, security, and humanitarian assistance spans nearly 100 countries. We work closely with governments, civil society organizations, and international partners to promote democratic governance, strengthen institutions, prevent conflict, enhance stability, and protect human rights. Our extensive experience working on the ground in conflict and unstable environments, along with our agile and discreet approach, enables us to navigate challenging situations, contributing to national security and stability.

Service Offerings
  • Training in assessment, monitoring, and evaluation methods and standard operating procedures
  • Rigorous independent and collaborative evaluations
  • Resilience/remote monitoring
  • Atmospherics reporting
  • Data collection in conflict, post-conflict, and transitional environments
  • Design and implementation of rapid and agile data collection and intelligence gathering
  • Survey design and baseline studies


Climate Change, Resilience, Food Security

Q2 Impact is committed to addressing the urgent challenges of climate change, resilience, and food security. We support sustainable, climate-smart agricultural solutions worldwide, leveraging innovative tools and performance management systems. Our goal is to drive better outcomes in agricultural development, improve food security, and build resilience in vulnerable communities.  

Illustrative Projects

USAID Feed the Future Knowledge, Data, Learning, and Training (KDLT) Activity

Department of State Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) Performance and Measures Methodology and Measurement Consultancy

USDA FAS Borlaug Fellowship Program Monitoring and Evaluation System


Global Health and the Next Generation

We are dedicated to transforming global health outcomes by generating innovative solutions and leveraging evidence-based decision-making. Our expertise in the public health sector enables us to design and implement effective programs that save lives and improve health systems. We also prioritize the next generation, working with youth-led initiatives to drive positive change and expand opportunities.

Service Offerings
  • Staff augmentation/professional support services
  • Strengthening HMIS/MEL coordination structures at national, provincial, district, and facility levels
  • Linking systems to provide quality, timely, and comprehensive data to decision makers in health ecosystem
  • Providing data analytics expertise and translating these indicators into intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly dashboard
  • Deployment of state-of-the-art technologies to align investments in system interoperability and infrastructure


Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Since its founding in 1998, Q2 Impact has specialized in monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL). We use this foundation, alongside our strong culture of innovation and technology, to provide cutting edge, proactive, and appropriate MEL solutions to clients around the globe. Ultimately, our MEL expertise promotes modernized approaches, adaptability, and evidence-based decision-making with a focus on local leadership and engagement.

Our experts use proven quantitative and qualitative methodologies, paired with experimental and quasi-experimental survey and study designs, to ensure sound evaluations of client programs and projects. By emphasizing specialized training and mentoring, we are able to strengthen the M&E capabilities of our implementing partners and local stakeholders. We have also integrated knowledge management (KM) dissemination tools allowing clients to rapidly collaborate, learn, and adapt their methods to empirical findings.

Service Offerings
  • Impact and performance evaluations
  • Program and sector assessments
  • USAID Agency and project-level M&E plans
  • Indicator and results framework development
  • Data collection and data quality assessments
  • Surveys and baseline studies
  • GIS mapping
  • Capacity building/training
  • Results-oriented management training
  • Web-based monitoring systems
  • Integrated knowledge management


Data and Innovation

Q2 Impact specializes in using data to create new learnings and provide deeper insights that inspire creative solutions to difficult problems. Our data scientists, programmers, and designers utilize an iterative, human-centered process to co-design and co-create innovative solutions driven by client needs.

Service Offerings
  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Systems integration/interoperability
  • Human-centered design
  • Network mapping
  • Mobile applications

Illustrative Projects

Data Wrangling: In Uganda, information from Uganda’s Agricultural & Animal Husbandry Census was contained in hard copy format, limiting any effective data analysis. Working with USAID/Uganda under the Learning Contract, we scanned more than 900 census, government reports, and other source documents and converted the data into a legible, machine-friendly format for easy and efficient analysis.

Network Mapping: Using data from the Feed the Future Monitoring System (FTFMS), we provided a network mapping of active Feed the Future mechanisms funded by US Missions globally. Developed as part of the USAID Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Development (KDAD) project, the interactive visualization provides information on the different partners implementing mechanisms, and their connections.


Defense and Diplomacy

Collaboration between Defense, Diplomacy, and Development, or “Three D’s”, sectors is crucial in advancing U.S. foreign assistance and achieving national strategic objectives. Companies engaging in this synergy play a pivotal role by bringing diverse expertise and resources to the table. This holistic approach, facilitated by companies that understand how to facilitate this collaboration, strengthens the overall impact of U.S. foreign assistance, promoting global stability and aligning with national interests.

Q2 Impact is one of the few government consulting firms that has worked across the Defense, Diplomacy, and Development industries in fragile, conflict-affected, and post-conflict countries. With our extensive background of defining best practices in collaboration, communication, and coordination, we offer solutions that focus on Human-Centered Design (HCD), ensuring that results empower beneficiaries and stakeholders alike and are sustainable. Our services help clients develop innovative solutions to the systemic challenges inherent in advancing U.S. national security interests.

Service Offerings
  • Human-centered design solutions
  • Learning to enhance uptake and use of data and best practices
  • Instructional design
  • AM&E including assessments, strategic evaluation, research studies
  • Building AM&E platforms and support service to enhance government staff use of AM&E systems

Current Awards


AM&E Curriculum Task Order


DOS EAP M&E platform Task Order


Women, Peace and Security

Q2 Impact is a specialized provider of Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) expertise, offering comprehensive support to NORAD and U.S. Northern Command to advance their WPS program and integration, particularly within the N&NC mandate for Domestic disaster/humanitarian response and security cooperation. We provide the WPS Senior Advisor and Program Analyst to support research, analysis, implementation, education, and training. Through our support of N&NC we have been instrumental in developing WPS standards that are now being adopted globally.

Our innovative EdTech solution, The Makusudi GameTM, provides adult learners with an engaging and effective way to learn about WPS initiatives and integrate them into their work. We are proud to have contributed to the development of future Department of Defense Gender Focal Points and Gender Advisors, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead with a gender perspective and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

At Q2 Impact, our founder and CEO, Neelima Grover, chairs the WPS committee and is a Board Member at the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA), an interagency and intergovernmental convening organization. This position places us at the forefront of shaping the WPS certification landscape, and our influence is felt across the industry.

We are committed to driving positive change and promoting gender equality in all aspects of our work. With our extensive expertise and unwavering dedication, Q2 Impact is the partner of choice for organizations seeking to advance their WPS initiatives and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Service Offerings
  • Human-Centered Design solutions to institutional support to GENADS
  • Full service AM&E
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • WPS expertise

Current Awards/Support

NORAD & NORTHCOM WPS Support Services